Youth Sports-Mission

Mission Statement

To provide leisure activities, programs and facilities for people of all ages and abilities so that they can achieve and maintain an optimum quality of life.

Value Statement

Parks make life better.

Youth Sports Philosophy

To allow children an opportunity to have fun, participate and learn the fundamental skills of each sport while stressing the importance of sportsmanship, respect, teamwork and self- discipline through healthy and fair competition. All participants are to play at least half of every game.

Youth Sports Team Selection Process

Players will be rated during an assessment practice on sport specific skills (dependent on sport and age group) and overall athletic skills. Equitable teams will be created from the player assessment results. Other criteria for team selections is as follows:

Reasoning for the Team Selection Process

This process supports the City of Redding Philosophy of Youth Sports in that it creates equitable teams for children to have fun and learn sports skills. When teams are evenly matched and games are close, all players enjoy the game and build an enthusiasm for the sport and teamwork.


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