Senior Activities

At Redding Recreation, we value our Seniors! We want to help you live healthy, challenging, and satisfying lives by offering classes, events, and activities that you will enjoy. Please call our office at 225-4095 for sign up information.

Cardio Core and More

Get fit, reduce minor aches and pains, and create a healthy back. Move in an arthritis friendly, fun and supportive environment with a certified fitness professional (CFP) with 20 years experience to improve stamina, strength, balance and coordination while strengthening the core for enhanced posture, muscle balance and stability. Participants must be able to get up and down from the floor independently. Instructor: Chris Netto.


T • 9/16-11/4*• 9:00-10:00 am
T • 11/18-12/16** • 9:00-10:00 am
W • 9/17-11/5* • 11:00 am-12:00 pm
W • 11/19-12/17**• 11:00 am-12:00 pm
Th• 9/18-11/6* • 9:00-10:00 am
Th • 11/20-12/18*** • 9:00-10:00 am

Note: No class on 10/14-10/16, 11/27

Materials Needed: $3 material fee per participant to the instructor on the first day of class. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes with good support, light weight dumbbells (2 to 5 lbs), pillow and a mat for floor stretching. Participants must be able to get up and down from floor independently.

Location: Caldwell Recreation Center

Fee: *$70 for seven classes
**$50 for five classes
***$40 for four classes

Basic Ballroom Dancing with Plus Steps

What's ballroom dancing? Come and learn the basic ballroom dancing steps: foxtrot, waltz, and swing. These three steps are the most commonly danced at dances. After learning these steps, you will be equipped to dance all night long instead of just watching and wishing. If you're not a total beginner, come to practice what you know and pick up some new steps that I share with more experienced dancers. Instructor is Laurie Hallum.

W •9/17-10/29 •6:00-8:00 pm

Location: Senior Citizen's Hall
Fee: $70 for couples, $40 for singles

Floral "Fun"damentals Workshop

Come learn how to make your own flower arrangements the way the pros do! Certificates are awarded for completing all three sessions.
Instructor: Darlene Montgomery.

Wedding Design Basics

Learn how to create boutonnieres, corsages, bridal bouquets and center pieces that any bride would love.

Dates: W• 8/27-9/17• 6:00-7:00 pm
Fee: $50 plus $75 material fee due to the instructor the first day of class.

Trends in Basic Floral Design

Explore new color trends, styles, containers and floral designs.

W • 10/1-10/29* •6:00-7:00 pm
Note: *No class on 10/15
Fee: $50 plus $60 material fee due to the instructor the first day of class.

Floral Holiday Party and Fres Decor for the Home

Decorate your home for the fall and winter holidays in fresh flowers and holiday greenery. Fall centerpiece, wreaths, garlands, and Christmas table arrangement will be created.

Dates: W • 11/19-12/17* • 6:00-7:00 pm

Note: *No class on 11/26
Materials Needed: Pruning shears
Location: Caldwell Rec Center Side Room
Fee: $50 plus $75 material fee due to the instructor the first day of class.


Join the craze and have some fun! Pickleball is a racquet sport which combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. The sport is played on a court with the same dimensions as a doubles badminton court (which is smaller than a tennis court). The game is played with a hard paddle and a polymer wiffleball. It is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. Beginners welcome anytime.

Cool weather season
M-Sat • 9:00-11:00 am
M-Th • 2:30-4:00 pm

Hot weather season
M-Sat • 8:00-10:00 am

Location: Enterprise Park Roller Hockey Rink
Fee: Free

Beginning Quilting

Learn how fun quilting can be! Students will make a small quilt from start to finish and will learn all of the basics of quilting. Instructor: Lynn Chilton

CANCELLED • T/Th • 9/2-9/25 • 6:00-8:30 pm
T/Th • 9/30-10/23 • 6:00-8:30 pm
T/Th • 10/28-11/20 • 6:00-8:30 pm

Materials Needed: Students will need to provide fabric, thread, and backing for their project. A pattern may also need to be purchased based upon the project. These may be purchased from the instructor.

Location: Chilton Quilting & Sewing Studio
851 Commerce Street
Fee: $53 per month


Students in this class will learn the basics of sewing including: the basics of sewing machine use, pattern reading, and making a project each week. Instructor: Lynn Chilton


CANCELLED • M • 9/1-9/22 • 3:30-5:30 pm
M • 10/6-10/27 • 3:30-5:30 pm
M • 11/3-11/24 • 3:30-5:30 pm
W • 9/3-9/24 • 3:30-5:30 pm
W • 10/1-10/22 • 3:30-5:30 pm

Materials Needed: Students will need to purchase fabric and thread for class.

Location: Chilton Quilting & Sewing Studio
851 Commerce Street
Fee: $42

Studio Art For Adults

Adults & Teens
Calling all adults that have always wanted to explore studio art! Immerse yourself in the creative process of an artist. Become acquainted with various media and materials. Use the elements of art to create pieces that explore the basics of human form, proportion, perspective, shading, and light in a variety of realistic, abstract, and expressionistic styles. Progress through lessons and develop independence so that you can be the studio artist you have always wanted to be. Media used: markers, watercolor, acrylics, oil paints, graphite pencil, charcoal, chalk pastel and oil pastel, printmaking. Instructor: Marcy Lynn Lauben.

Th • 8/7-8/28 • 5:00-6:00 pm

Materials Needed: All materials are included in the fee
Location: Teen Center
Fee: $80 for 4 classes






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