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The benefit of connecting with nature in today's world are plentiful. Numerous studies have shown that just spending time in natural surroundings, people report having reduced stress, anger and depression and helps improve mood while lowering blood pressure and muscle tension. It is clear that adults benefit from nature experiences. Children, too, benefit from experiences in nature. In today's world with hectic schedules and 24/7 technology, carving time out to re-connect with the natural world is even more important. In Redding, we are so fortunate to have nature all around us. Don't take it for granted. Get out and enjoy it. Make a walk around one of our many local trails part of your daily or weekly routine. Institute a good old-fashion Sunday drive to explore Whiskeytown, Burney Falls, Clear Creek, the Trinity Alps; the list goes on. Fall is the perfect time. Our community is full of good resources if you need more information or company. The Nor Cal Adventurers Meet Up on-line site has a great schedule of small group events. has a comprehensive trail map for our area.
We are rolling out a new program called Paddle Science to promote nature learning for kids on our local waterways. Check it out on page 18.

See you on the trail,

Contact Numbers

Redding Recreation Main Office and Registrations

1250 Parkview Avenue
g, CA 96001
(530) 225-4095
(530) 225-4585 Fax


Redding Aquatic Center

Caldwell Park
(530) 245-7248

Recreation Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan forms the blueprint around which we structure our programs and recreational initiatives. This living document will provide the reader a clearer understanding of our goals, direction and vision as we strive to create community through people, parks and programs. Download here (PDF, 96k).

Our Services

On a year-round basis Redding Recreation provides opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to pursue hobbies, develop talents, form new friendships, and enjoy various sports.
During our infamous hot summers we offer swimming classes and a variety of aquatics programs. We are especially excited about the Redding Aquatic Center which features an olympic sized pool, a second pool and water slides.

Two large city parks and numerous smaller parks provide ample facilities for picnics and family fun. In addition to our current programs, Redding Recreation is continually seeking new ways to meet the ever-changing needs of our community.


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