Jr. Guards & Swim Instructors

Are you younger than 16 years?
Like swimming?
Want job training around a pool?
Need work experience?

TopJunior Lifeguard

Ages 11-15

Participants of this 5 day Junior Academy program will receive a foundation of knowledge including:

Students must bring nutritious snacks, lunch, water bottle and all study materials daily. Junior lifeguard and junior swim instructor students must wear solid red one piece swim suit or swim trunks.

Note: Junior Lifeguard students who have successfully completed the first year of Junior Lifeguard Academy training will be invited to register for advanced academy training sessions.

M-F • 8/4-8/8 • 9:00 am-5:15 pm
M-F • 8/12-8/16 • 9:00 am-5:15 pm

Location: Redding Aquatic Center
Fee: $150 includes training materials, swimming les- sons, t-shirt, hat and whistle for work experience.


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